Saving energy via infill-home efficiency upgrades!

Increasing the energy efficiency of your infill-home is an investment that starts paying you back instantly. New efficiency upgrades may not only add to the look of your home – but can increase how good your home feels, and that goes a long way. Although brand new Infill-homes are fitted…

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New Mortgage Guidelines for Self-Employed

Earlier mortgage approval for the self-employed: New guidelines have been released that may help self-employed people secure a mortgage. The new guidelines are meant to help those who have worked for themselves for less than two years, and are not able to provide the...

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3 New Years Resolutions for a Rejuvenated Home

The New Year brings much hope and excitement, as the calendar grants a fresh start for everyone. You deserve a fresh start this New Year – and so does your home! Rejuvenate your infill home interior with the following 3 easy resolutions: Purge and de-clutter After...

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Decorating your Infill for the Holidays

There is nothing like decorating your gorgeous infill home for the holidays. Christmas and other holiday decorations not only add beauty to your piece of Calgary real estate, but they bring cheer and festive fun to the neighbourhood. As the sun sets earlier and...

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How to be a Snow Angel This Winter

Calgary is home to great people, gorgeous real estate and… cold weather. Every winter, Calgarians embrace daily life in a cold climate. In the cold weather, it is important to keep sidewalks free of snow and ice in order to maintain safety for Calgarians. For more...

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