The New Year brings much hope and excitement, as the calendar grants a fresh start for everyone. You deserve a fresh start this New Year – and so does your home! Rejuvenate your infill home interior with the following 3 easy resolutions:

Purge and de-clutter

After cleaning up the last of the holiday decorations, the New Year is a perfect time to clean and do a purge of each room in the house.  Sort through the clutter and store or dispose of items as appropriate. Especially go through those areas where things tend to get thrown when you’re not sure where else it should go. Sometimes, adding additional storage such as a shelf or book case will solve a clutter issue. Removing unnecessary items such as old mail/magazines, items used less than 3 times a year and items that could be replaced with modern versions will re-open your space. Removing the clutter reduces stress and helps remove “mental clutter” as well. Joshua Becker has some amazing tips on how-to-declutter on the website

Clear the air!

It is always a good time to improve your health and create a healthier home. Improving air quality in your home improves your well-being and re-sale value of your infill home. Changing your furnace filter regularly, buying a humidifier/air purifier, quitting smoking or employing some air purifying plants are all ways to significantly improve air quality. Indoor plants such as Areca, Lady and Bamboo Palm, rubber plant and peace lily are all proven to improve indoor air quality and remove air toxins.

Lose weight while…

Maintaining your home! Regular home cleaning and maintenance is a healthy activity that burns calories, improves the look of your home and gives a feeling of pride and productivity! Activities like cleaning the walls, vacuuming the house, mowing the lawn or planting flowers are activities that can bring joy and beauty to your home. A thorough clean will feel so refreshing in your now clutter-free home!

With these 3 realistic resolutions, you and your infill home will feel refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to take on the new year!

It’s not just a listing, it’s a lifestyle.