Although investing in Calgary real estate has many positive aspects, it’s the time of year to bring up one of the few… less positive aspects. Snow removal. We’re going to tell you about what you’re responsible for as a property owner, and how to shovel smart.

As a property owner in the City of Calgary, you are responsible for:

  • Removing snow and ice – down to bare surface, from public sidewalks bordering your property within 24 hours of the snowfall ending. Owners of rental properties are responsible for arranging for snow and ice removal when they reside elsewhere.


  • Remove a minimum width of 1.5 meters of snow and ice – down to bare surface – from a public pathway bordering their property, also within 24 hours of a snowfall ending. Applicable pathways are those that run parallel and adjacent to a street, with or without separation between the pathway and street (e.g. a grass boulevard).


  • Pile snow from their private driveway or walkway on their own property (e.g. front lawn). Snow from a public sidewalk or pathway may be shoveled onto another public property, such as a road.


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Shoveling smart:

  • It’s a good idea to invest in a good quality shovel, and warm clothing for shovelling. A snow blower is not usually necessary, unless you have a property with larger than normal driveway and amount of sidewalk. For most Calgarians, their handy shovel is all they need.


  • “Man, it just keeps on snowing!” Now, when there is a prolonged snowfall, where the snow has been falling for more than a few hours – an experienced shoveller would suggest not waiting until the snowfall has ended for shovelling. An experienced shovel artist will tell you that it is better to go out for a few quick shovels while it is still snowing, than to do one huge shovel at the end of a big dump of snow. This makes each load smaller, and means you have shovelled the snow before it has been crushed into an impenetrable layer that sticks to your sidewalk. Shovelling a few times during the snowfall is better for your back, and is an excuse to have hot chocolate or other warm treat after each shovel.



  • The sooner the better – even if there was not a lot of snow, it is better to shovel as soon as possible. Snow crushed by footsteps or vehicles can quickly melt and refreeze as ice on a sunny day with a cold night. Ice is a lot more difficult to remove, and usually requires an ice scraper.


  • A little sand or ice melt goes a long way. Ice melt or rock salt mixture can be found at every grocery store and gas station in winter. It helps melt ice at lower temperatures and helps add grip to those areas so that there is less chance of slipping.


The good news? Because of how infills are built, there is not a lot of sidewalk to shovel, and oftentimes, there isn’t a driveway either. So use your shoveling time as some healthy time outdoors, while getting some exercise. Aren’t you glad you purchased an infill home sold by The Infill Hub Group?

It’s not just a listing, it’s a lifestyle.