How To: Decorating large, open concept room or main floor

Calgary Infill homes are often built with modern, open concept main floor plans. The main floor is usually a comparable size to a typical suburban home, but as a large open room. Decorating a large, open concept main floor is an exciting task- as you think about...

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Infill Homes – Good for Homebuyers and the Environment

Hate having to drive long distances to get to work, shop, get your errands done etc.? With infill development, and the city’s work on encouraging mixed-use development – neighbourhoods are moving towards being complete. “Complete” meaning having everything...

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Infill Homes, a Solution to Historic Urban Design

Do you ever wonder why one community may look and feel completely different from another? Why its design doesn’t match with the rest of the city? The answer can usually be found in the history of urban planning and city design trends. For centuries, a rigid grid...

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