Efficiency Upgrades Improve Look AND Feel

Increasing the energy efficiency of your infill-home is an investment that starts paying you back instantly. New efficiency upgrades may not only add to the look of your home – but can increase how good your home feels, and that goes a long way. Although brand new Infill-homes are fitted with new and efficient systems, there are still extra ways to upgrade your home to make it as efficient as possible!

Energy Efficiency Alberta offers customized rebates and tips on how to increase the efficiency of your home – saving you energy and money. These rebates and offers might not last forever, so it is good to check them out sooner, rather than later.

It starts with a home energy evaluation and plan. An evaluation is completed to assess where energy is being lost in your home. Once this is done, you are eligible for high upgrade rebates, (such as a new $500 minimum rebate for boiler and furnace upgrades, as just one example.)

You may be wondering, what sorts of upgrades could I possibly want in my beautiful and well made infill-home?

Well for starters:

Tankless hot water heaters -instant hot water that never runs out!

Drain water heat recovery systems -save the heat from that hot shower!

Smart thermostats -look amazing and keep your home at an ideal temperature at all times

Investing in your home is always a smart choice, and investing in efficient upgrades that will save you money right away through lower bills and government rebates is an even smarter choice. Infill homes are the best real estate as they come already so efficient and good-feeling – keep your home at the peak of efficiency with these rebated upgrades!

Want to get started?

Start the journey at https://you.efficiencyalberta.ca/