There is nothing like decorating your gorgeous infill home for the holidays. Christmas and other holiday decorations not only add beauty to your piece of Calgary real estate, but they bring cheer and festive fun to the neighbourhood. As the sun sets earlier and earlier, and the days seem dark and dreary – festive indoor/outdoor décor can help eliminate the dread of winter.

Decorating a modern infill home for the holidays is an exciting task- as you have a wide range of decorating styles available:

Traditional Christmas Style: traditional Christmas décor never goes out of style. With a natural looking tree, and bright decorations – your home will feel like Christmas. Brightly coloured red, green, white, silver and gold decorations dominate a traditional Christmas. Lights that are coordinated with your decorations complete this look. Brightness and glittering excitement dominate the traditional Christmas season decorating.

Rustic Style: a more rustic take on your regular traditional decorations. Traditional colours take a more subdued or pastel look and traditional textures such as burlap, lace, unfinished wood and stitched cloth are thrown into the mix. Real candles are a great addition to rustic style. Electric lights can also be used in combination with candles, but should be a warm white colour of light, to match the candlelight. Rustic decoration provides a sophisticated look while also providing a “homey” old fashioned holiday season. Rustic style is proof that “Old fashioned” is “In fashion”!

Colour Theme Style: For a fun and fresh decorating style, try choosing a central colour theme. Is your favourite colour pink? Blue? White? Once you have your main colour chosen, decide your secondary colour silver, gold, bronze or even black. With this one, it’s fun to go all out. For whatever holiday you celebrate during the festive season, you can coordinate all of your pieces so that you are surrounded by the colour that makes you happiest.

“Biggest Fan” Style: Big fan of the popular television show, “The Office”? Or a particular sports team? If you have enough time, look for Christmas pieces that are memorabilia from whatever you are the biggest fan. A quick search on Amazon will surprise you just how much Christmas gear you can find for your favourite show, brand or sports team. Intense fans may even make their own items. Mix in regular Christmas decorations with all your Christmas and regular memorabilia and you will show everyone that you truly are the biggest fan.

Make it your own

The above styles will be affected by your personal taste. Feel free to do some mixing of styles and make your infill home feel like Christmas. If you still need some guidance, pinterest has many examples of gorgeous Christmas decorating to get your creative juices flowing.

Here at the Infill Hub Group, we hope you have a beautiful, festive and joyous Christmas and holiday season.