Calgary is home to great people, gorgeous real estate and… cold weather. Every winter, Calgarians embrace daily life in a cold climate. In the cold weather, it is important to keep sidewalks free of snow and ice in order to maintain safety for Calgarians.

For more info on homeowner responsibilities and tips for shovelling, see our last post.

But while shovelling is great exercise for most, it can be difficult, and even dangerous for many – especially older adults, those with limited mobility, and others. During this snowy time of year, we encourage everyone who is of able body to be a “snow angel”. Snow angels are individuals who shovel a nearby neighbour’s sidewalk just to be a good neighbour.

To be a Snow Angel, all you have to do is adopt a neighbour’s sidewalk and keep it clear when it snows. Watch for people in your neighbourhood who could use help removing snow and lend them a hand. Your helping hand helps your neighbour comply with the snow removal bylaw, and improves pedestrian safety for all. Shovelled walks also keep your fantastic inner city neighbourhood looking pristine and welcoming. There’s nothing like an immaculate, newly constructed piece of real estate with clear sidewalks all around!

If you are not able to take up the wings of a snow angel- do you know of a worthy snow angel nearby? You can nominate snow angels to receive a letter of recognition from The City of Calgary through 311, online or by mail. The City of Calgary website has more information on this, click here.

In the cold winter, small acts of kindness, like shovelling, can go a long way to warm someone’s heart. We applaud our city’s snow angels, who warm hearts and keep Calgary’s real estate looking tidy and safe.

It’s not just a listing, it’s a lifestyle.