Calgary Infill homes are often built with modern, open concept main floor plans. The main floor is usually a comparable size to a typical suburban home, but as a large open room.

Decorating a large, open concept main floor is an exciting task- as you think about everything that is possible in your space. Infill homes have beautiful open spaces that are so fun to decorate, but the task can feel overwhelming. So in some ways having a large space is a challenge, but the best kind of challenge! (Who doesn’t love lots of room???)

The place to start when decorating a large room is to choose and arrange furniture so that the room has individual areas that work well together and flow naturally into one another. For example, in a large living room, you may have a defined television watching area, reading/office nook, window seat for lounging or gaming area. Sectionals are great for creating one large open seating area, or can be used to nicely close off an area to make a distinct television area. Rugs are another great way to define seating and conversation areas.

Consider the size of the room and ceiling height when arranging furniture. If you have low ceilings, lower furniture will help keep that open feeling. If your space has high ceilings, low furniture may get lost in the vast openness. With all the space, it can be tempting to push all the chairs and seating too far apart. Remember to keep seating close enough together that if people were actually sitting – they don’t have to yell to hear each other.

Console tables are perfect for empty spaces along walls or corners. They come in many different shapes, sizes and styles, with or without drawers and inner storage – so that any extra space can become useful. A large console table can separate areas, or be placed behind a couch if the sizes and styles work well together. In terms of console tables, consider what would be most useful while also being stylish. The right console table can become a small desk area, a place to store books or DVDS, or simply the perfect place to display plants, a lamp, vase or other décor.

Go Big.

In a large space, lots of small artwork or décor can make a room feel cluttered, while there is still lots of actual space. Add each piece of décor with purpose, and you can go with larger elements. Artwork, plants, etc. can all be on a larger scale. Keep small items neatly together in threes so they are viewed as one larger whole.

Lastly, remember that just because you have lots of space – doesn’t mean you can fit more colours into the room. The best look is often neutral colours for large, basic furnishings with a couple of accent colours that are seen in a few different places in the area.

For more information on what colour scheme is best for you – check out this great article by Tonya Lee :


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