Hate having to drive long distances to get to work, shop, get your errands done etc.? With infill development, and the city’s work on encouraging mixed-use development – neighbourhoods are moving towards being complete. “Complete” meaning having everything to meet daily needs and access jobs, education and health care. Complete neighbourhoods are more walkable, healthy and enjoyable to live in.


If you’ve heard the word “infill” and think it is a buzz word that just happens to be popular in Calgary real estate, let us help you understand the meaning and importance of infills.


Infill homes are a way of revitalizing a city’s downtown and inner city communities. When integrated with city planning, infills can improve transportation systems, protect the environment, improve public health and revitalize a dead inner city. Calgary is just one city of many that is prioritizing re-energizing the inner city – with commitments toward increased public transit, infill development and mixed use communities.


Infill homes are built on vacant or underutilized land within urban centres and rural hubs. Often, older, smaller and inefficient homes are demolished – and newer, more efficient (and often larger) homes are built in their place. These new homes use the space more effectively and have all the current safety and environmental uprgades. Infill homes also bring style and modernity back into a neighbourhood – and bringing  that “new” feeling back into a neighbourhood.


Not only do infills provide gorgeous new homes in desirable inner city communities –  they are also part of healthy development. It’s no wonder that cities like Fresno California are using infill development to create a walkable, livable city centre – https://www.communitycommons.org/2014/10/benefits-of-infill-development/.


After years of cities building out, it is time to start building in. (    For more information on how our city’s planning and development has changed over the years – leading to today – check out our blog post on historical development in Calgary: https://infillhub.com/2018/05/infill-homes-a-solution-to-historic-urban-design/     )


This is good for the environment, and good for us!


Imagine cutting your drive time to work from 35 minutes to 10 minutes, or even 5. With reduced distances to and from the work place, road rage, and the stress that comes with rush hour traffic is reduced. With reduced distances, alternative methods of transportation also become more attractive. Public transit, walking, biking, skateboarding are fun methods of transportation that are now possible. These are important for reducing our carbon footprint and combating obesity and other illnesses that result from a lack of exercise.


Inner city communities are often hubs of activity, culture, food and business. Communities like Kensington and Sunnyside are excellent examples of communities that are complete with all your daily needs – as well as fun and recreation in a beautiful walkable area. Infill development is a way of developing, while looking towards the future of our cities – and is not just a buzz word in Calgary real estate.


There is nothing like having a beautiful new home in an established and sought-after neighbourhood, while being able to access all your needs within a short distance of your home. Infill Hub is home to many infill builders that will custom build your brand new home. It is time to enjoy a custom-built home that you love, in a healthy and thriving neighbourhood!


It’s not just a listing, it’s a lifestyle.